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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

If you have lines and wrinkles that you are concerned about, you are invited to have a consultation with Dr Tash. You will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and receive information regarding available options including anti-wrinkle injections and whether they are suitable for you.

Anti-wrinkle treatment using a protein is a very quick, temporary procedure that will smooth out lines on the face. This protein is derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. When it is injected into muscles, it temporarily blocks the nerve signals causing them to contract. This results in the relaxation of the muscles. The result is less muscle movement making wrinkles appear less visible giving a fresher, more refreshed appearance.

It is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the U.K

Common areas treated are the frown lines between the eyebrows, lines across the forehead, smile lines or crow’s feet at the outer corner of eyes and bunny lines or lines across the upper part of the nose.

At a Glance

BACK TO NORMALUsually immediately
DURATION OF RESULTS3-4 months maybe longer
POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONSBruising, infection, drooping eyebrows, allergic reaction
PRECAUTIONS POST PROCEDUREAvoid for 24hrs: exercise/alcohol/facials/ sauna/make up/rubbing injected area.

Disclaimer: Each person is unique so there will always be variation in individual response to treatment, recovery, and downtime following treatment. Please bear in mind that the above are estimates. Please book an appointment with Dr Tash for your tailor-made treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products are used, and is this treatment the same as fillers?
The short answer to that is – no. The product we use for relaxing wrinkles is Botulinum toxin, a protein derived from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. When this protein is injected into a muscle, it blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle. This will result in that muscle becoming immobile. However, over a period of 3 to 6 months, the nerves make new connections with the muscle and the movement and the wrinkles will return.

This is not the same effect as fillers. Dermal fillers are a range of man-made or synthetic products of various thicknesses injected in areas to compensate for volume loss. Fillers are often used in the cheeks and lips to add volume and shape. They are also used to fill lines in the lower part of the face.

I have wrinkles when I am not frowning will this treatment help?
The treatment effects muscle movement so these lines will not disappear, however they may appear softer in some individuals.
What should I expect in this type of consultation?
You will have a face-to-face consultation with the doctor who will be prescribing the medication. They will go through your medical history, medications you take, any allergies you may have and any previous treatments you have had. They will go through the details of the treatment and the benefits and risks as well. They should offer you time to consider the treatment as this is standard General Medical Council protocol for any treatment.
How painful is the treatment?
The needles we use are very small and so discomfort is minimal.
What are the immediate effects of the injection?
Straight after the injection, you will notice slight bumps at the injection sites but these will settle within half an hour. We recommend that you do not lie down for 4 hours after the procedure to avoid the product moving out of the intended muscle. Some people report a headache, facial pain, itching and tenderness at injection sites, rash, fatigue and even a flu-like illness after the treatment. There is a risk related to having a needle piercing the skin and that does include infection and bleeding but these are minimised by carrying out the treatment in a clean environment and cleaning the skin prior to the procedure. It is very rare to have an anaphylactic reaction to botulinum toxin but we always have an EpiPen available in the very unlikely event of this occurring.
Are there any circumstances when you might have to contact emergency services?
If you experience any of the following please contact the doctor immediately or call 999.

  • If you develop difficulty swallowing, speech or breathing difficulty.
  • If you develop a severe allergic reaction.
Will there be any restrictions on my activities after the treatment?
Depending on how prone you are to bruising you might get some bruising that will settle after a few days. You should avoid alcohol and excessive exercise for at least 24hours after the treatment as this will increase blood flow to the area and dilute the medication, making the treatment less effective. You must also avoid facials and makeup to avoid the risk of infection. Your aftercare will be discussed in more detail at the face-to-face consultation.
How soon after treatment do the effects show?
The effects are never visible immediately. It takes about 4-5days to start seeing some effects but 2 weeks after the procedure you should be able to see the full effect, and this is also the time that most practitioners advise a face-to-face review.
What are the possible complications of this treatment?
Complications usually arise if the product is introduced to the wrong area or muscle. Incorrect placement can result in a brow drop or lid droop but these effects are usually reversed as the drug wears off, normally within 3 months. Sometimes the eyebrow position may be altered causing the outer edge to be more raised but this is desired in some people and it can be corrected afterwards. You will always have Dr Tash’s personal number to contact at any time for your reassurance.
Can men and women have the same treatment?
Yes, the injections are exactly the same but men usually need a higher dose per injection as they generally have stronger frown muscles.
Are there any circumstances when you would not be able to have this treatment?
The drug is licenced for ages 18 to 65. We would not treat anyone below the age of 18. For those over the age of 65, some find it effective and would consider having the treatment. You cannot have treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you suffer from some neuromuscular disorders. That is why the medical history is very important.
How long do the effects last after one treatment?
The results of your treatment can last for up to 3 to 4 months depending on your individual metabolism, lifestyle, smoking and sun exposure.
Will I look ‘frozen’ after the treatment?
Although the results are visible, the treatment will not radically change your facial appearance. The muscle activity that causes your lines is simply reduced, so you can still frown or look surprised, just without the wrinkles and creases.
If I stop having the treatment would I look worse than I did before I started?
No. Once the effects wear off, you return to your normal appearance but you may appear to have more wrinkles because you’ve had less over the time you have been having treatment. Some people have the treatment regularly, for example twice or three times a year, to maintain their appearance.
I have dark skin. Will I experience the same effects from this treatment?
Yes. The treatment is not affected by skin colour.
How safe is the treatment?
Botulinum toxin has been safely used to treat medical conditions like bladder problems, migraines, and excessive underarm sweating for many years. For cosmetic treatments the results vary among individuals and repeated treatments are necessary to maintain the effects.

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